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ENSLT is an European organisation for Sign Language Teachers

CALL for BIDS to host International Sign Language Teachers Conference - LESICO

We invite interested EU-countries to bid to host the 4th LESICO conference in 2019 or 5th LESICO conference in 2021.

In your bid, you could for example include the following information:

  1. Location (country, city)
  2. Do your institution work with sign language teachers training?
  3. Who would chair the conference and who will be his/her main board/team members?
  4. When? 2019 or 2021?
  5. Which month approximately? Be aware - in 2019, the WFD congress will be also organized.
  6. What is your motivation to organise the next conference?
    – Do you have a conference topic?
    – Do you have ideas where you can apply for conference funding?

You can add more information if you want.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us! Email: info@enslt.eu